Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So I am back in NC. It is good to be home . Sorry those posts look so messed up, i had to send them via text message and that is what they look like. Anyway the rest of the race ended up good, we all got sick with some sort of cold and 2 of the guys got a stomach virus. I am feeling okay, but have a pretty nasty cold right now.

Anyway as far as the rest of the race goes, I got a 10th in the Time Trial and only lost by 21 seconds to first place. The cool thing was that I wasn't using any aero equiptment except a pair of clip on aerobars. No skinsuit, no aero helmet, no disc, no tt bike. Just my road bike with clip ons on. I was pretty happy with that.

On the final day we tried to set frank up again, but the racers down there don't really ride in straight lines at all. It is scary. Anyway He ended up getting seriously chopped again. Oh well.

We all survived the trip and most importanatly, none of us have broken bones. Phew.

Here are the guys... From the left it is Frank, Alex, Winston, and Keith

The Power Situation in the DR

These guys were dressed up for independence day. That is real tar they are wearing. They wouldn't leave until we gave them money...

The haitian national team was here. Here was one of their bikes, don't think it was UCI legal.

This is how you get guys to the airport with bike boxes. There are 6 bikes in this be plus 6 huge duffles and 7 people in the front...

Overall the trip was amazing. I have some more pics to put up later and I will I promise. It was a great way to start the season. The guys are real cool and it is going to be an outstanding season...

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lizrides said...

Congrats on making it home safe and sound. When I studied in the DR for a quarter we called it the Diarrhea Republic. Beautiful country though, no? Looks like you guys are off to a great start this season!