Thursday, February 28, 2008

Race report

So here is todays report. Sorry for splitting these up but my phone only can hold so many words for each message.
Today was 150k with 2 8k climbs. we climbed over a mountain and went down the other side and literally did a u turn at the bottom and went back up. I managed to make it over both with the lead group which contained a ton of little people that really need to eat a cheeseburger. Everything came back together with about 25k to go and we set frank up for the sprint. Things were going awesome until some racer decided to hold onto franks jersey. Seriously this guy was just holding on to frank for no real reason. The kid got his though as he ended up hitting a pot hole with only one hand on the bars and crashed. that caused a huge split and frank and i coasted in, both in the top ten. These guys down here race crazy. This is not the usa and the phrase 'free for all' sums up everything.
So everything is good now but Tomorrow we climb a huge mountain so that should be interesting.

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