Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rocking and rolling.

So keith norris and frank travieso (teammates) rock stars. keith attacked halfway into the 140 k, all headwind, stupidly hot, super hilly stage. Frank bridged up to him about 10k later and those guys just motored away and went 1 2 with keith taking the honors. It was incredible and super exciting for the whole team. The best part was yesterday afternoon we had A beer at the pool bar and other racers were giving us crap about it. So those guys just went out and waxed everyone. It was sweet. I mixed it up in the field sprint and managed 6th on the day. There were literally 3 speed bumps on the finishing straight. We would bunny hop and sprint and jump again. Its hysterical and i love it. As far as the overall goes, alex is in 14th and i am in 17th we are both within striking distance still. The racing is getting super exciting.

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