Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stage 2

Today went good again. The race was 140 miles and we did it in under 3 hours! it was super quick and fun. Winston was off the front ALL day only to be caught 10 k from the finish.
We then tried to set keith up for the finish but things got real sketchy and he ended up having to fend for himself but still swung 8th. Everyone else finished with the same time.
Things are still going good but i havent had any coffee in days! That is a new record for me.
it is so hot here and apparently spf 50 isn't strong enough for my white ass.
I have a new nickname here, they are calling me jumbo. ha!


steevo said...

I know you are really fast, but 140 miles in 3 hours?
I think you need to convert your american time to metric

Rowbear said...

no way dude, that would have been an avg. of over 45 mph.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he meant kilometers! here is what he is up to if all his supporters are interested :-)
Stage 1 - February 23: Santo Domingo - La Romana, 104.4 km
Stage 2 - February 24: San Pedro De Macoris - Santo Domingo, 130.5 km
Stage 3 - February 25: San Cristobal - Barahona, 164.0 km
Stage 4 - February 26: Barahona - BanĂ­, 127.0 km
Stage 5a - February 27: Santo Domingo - Bonao, 80 km
Stage 5b - February 27: Bonao - San Francisco De Macoris, 90 km
Stage 6 - February 28: Moca - Mao Valverde, 132 km
Stage 7 - February 29: Santiago De Los Caballeros - Jarabacoa, 133.7 km
Stage 8a - March 1: La Vega - Santo Domingo, 115 km
Stage 8b - March 1: Santo Domingo, Mirador Sur, ITT, 10.4 km
Stage 9 - March 2: Santo Domingo Circuit, 120 km