Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nice accomodations

So this trip has been so cool. I have the mindset of this being more of a adventure than a bicycle race. That is why the fact that we are literally staying in a motel that caters to illegitimate sex makes me smile. It is hysterical. Picture a self storage unit complete with a gate and that is what this place looks like. Each room has a garage so no one can see your car. The room also comes equipped with condoms and there is a mirror on the ceiling. It is a nice place though. the rooms appear clean and the shower has good pressure. So i am not complaining i am just trying to relay what is going on.
The racing today was tough. We had a 2 hour bus ride to the start which was miserable because i had to pee so bad and the roads were so bumpy and it was super hot.
This whole trip is cool. We hurry up and then wait and then hurry up again and then wait some more. It has gone really smoothly though. We have 5 staff for 5 racers and those guys work the whole time. Their help is clutch.

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