Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today is independance day here in the DR. It is a crazy environment because everyone seems to be dressed up in costumes. I have a bunch of pictures but no way of posting them due to utter lack of internet.
To celebrate this holiday the promoters had us race twice. 90K in the morning and then 100k in the afternoon. It made for a long long day and i am super tired now.
This morning was so fast we averaged over 50k an hour. I finally crashed with 5 to go after narrowly avoiding tons of crashes all week. It wasn't too bad but i have a raspberry on my butt cheek. Keith rolled it today for 6th to keep the top ten streak alive.
After the race we had a nice meal and hung out in the shade for a while and then it was time to race again.
The afternoon race was fast again with raging cross winds.
Frank went out solo early in the race only to be caught 10k from the finish. The field splintered about that time and i found myself in the second group which lost about 2 minutes. Tough day.

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