Monday, June 30, 2008

Coming home

Coming home
So Vuelta Puebla is finished and we are at the airport eager for some
tap water.
The final stage was anti climatic as a breakaway went but with no gc
people in it. Andrew was a stud as he made the break and got fourth on
the day.
Alex was third overall and 2nd in the kom. Dan was 8th and I was 18th
and 2nd in the sprints and 3rd in the kom. All in all it was a great
week and it was fun to finally 'make it rain' especially with only
four guys.
I am looking forward to going back to nc for a few days before I head
up to the 'Iron Hill' crit in west Chester PA and then I am going to
be in MI for a while. Uh and I will be up there for a week. I am
already dreaming about founders beer...

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jill said...

i'm headed to michigan soon as well!! just bought the tix this morning. hooray for founders! oh, and old friends and all that too...

maybe i'll see ya around!

milo said...

nice job at iron hill.
must have been the george forman steaks

brown bear said...


Rowbear said...

I read about you on velonews. Congratulations man. Must have been those long rides and coconut raspberry zingers.