Thursday, June 05, 2008

the worst feeling in the world...

Is eating a gel and somehow coughing and breathing in to deep and getting the cola flavored gel into your sinuses and come oozing out of your nose. It sucks... Trust me.
Reading was today and it was pretty tough. I made it til the last time up the hill and then I popped. It was such a sweet course and the racing here is so so fast. It is so cool to be here and i am just soaking it all in.
we are staying at a youth hostel in downtown philly now. It I'd really cool and I will post pictures soon.
I have to say congrats to uhlyza who passed her boards today! She is now OFFICIALLY a PA.
Time to go celebrate bobbys 21st birthday now. This is a tough life...

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E-rich said...

Gotta say congrats to the happy couple. UH passing the boards is a big deal! Keep on rockin'.