Friday, June 20, 2008

Going to MEXICO!!!!

I am typing this as I watch back to back to back to back to back episodes of "whose wedding is it anyway?" The DVR is completely filled with wedding shows...

So not much has been going on. Harlem Rocks was a very sweet race and we raced awesome the entire race until we got boxed into the barriers on the last lap and had to practically stop. It sucks to race perfect for 99.99% of the race and then one wrong line in one corner costs you the results. The good news is that the legs are good and the team raced awesome together.
The finish in Harlem was spectacular as there were 3 crashes in the straightaway and the winner crashes after he wins. Here is the video of it. Major props have to go out to the Time Team for getting a big win in dramatic fashion.
I am flying to Mexico on sunday for Vuelta Puebla, a 7 day stage race with a ton of climbing. I am super excited to go see mexico, but I have a feeling it won't be like going to Cabo--I actually only know what Cabo is like because of watching "Laguna Beach" when they go there on their spring break. So the people going from Toshiba are Dan, Alex, Bobby, Myself, Andrew, and Winston...none of us speak much spanish. It is funny because I went to Joe Martin and I was the only one on the team that spoke english and none of the spanish speakers are going to mexico...
I hope that I will be able to update while I am there...Does Mexico have the Internet?


Scott said...

I believe there are internet tubes in Mehico, but I think they only go to certain hotels. said...

Just remember that all the Spanish you will need is this: Cervaso por favor. (beer please)
Aunt K.
PS: Worked great for me in the DR.

milo said...

even though you dont call or write
i still think you should stay away from
this club