Friday, June 27, 2008

stage 3 and 4

I am currently in THE seediest internet cafe in some random city in mexico and it is awesome. This trip is going quite well so far and the cities we are in are all small little villages in the mountains and the weather here is awesome, its not humid and in the 70s all the time. It is great.
Stage 3 was super flat, I got some sprint points in the first sprint, but then a break rolled off and took the remaining points and so now i am in 3rd. Alex is still in 3rd overall and leading the KOMs and that is the priority so everything is good still.
Today was stage 4 and it was short. We raced 35 miles up a mountain and then descended for 35 miles. There were only 32 finishers in the front group today, but Alex, Dan, and Myself were all in there. A break rolled early and we almost caught them in the finishing straight. I ended up sixth on the day. Alex is still leading the KOM and is still in 3rd overall. We just have one more really hard day tomorrow and then sunday in a circuit. Everyones spririts are high and we are having a great time here.
The food and beer are super cheap here, but the gas is crazy expensive. It is 4usd a liter!! Crazy.
I am going to wash my hands now...

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