Monday, June 02, 2008

Csc report

Csc might be my new favorite race. This years race had the most stacked field that i have ever raced against in my life and this whole week is going to be like that.
The race was fast from the gun and within 12 laps, (each lap was 1k) a group of 12 got away. We missed that move and they ended up lapping. It was frustrating to miss that and it just shows that you have to be on your toes at all times.
After they lapped the attacks started again. I got in a move with 3 others with 25 to go (yes we were racing hard for 13th) and after a few laps it was just 2 of us and then there was a ksyrium wheel prime. I won the wheels and i think watching forest gump the night before was wearing off on me because i just kept on going and going and was by myself for the last 10 laps only to be caught inside the final lap and get last! Ha!
We are staying in lancaster pa now for a few days. Our hosts are awesome and this city is so peaceful.Next race is tuesday in allentown pa.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Saw the pics on CyclingNews of you on the attack. Good onya young man.

Hope you're having fun in the Bigs.

Anonymous said...

It was a very exciting "last" though!

Anonymous said...

no excuses for no updates now that you have an Itouch. Get with the program slack ass