Monday, June 23, 2008


I was super excited for today prologue as it was only 3 k and I
assumed it was flat. We rode our bikes to the course and we went down
this huge hill for a long time and in my head I was thinking uh oh,
this might be an uphill tt. Indeed it was. 3 k of climbing at 7000 ft
was def interesting. I totally started out way to fast and blew up and
held on for dear life. It was Miserable!!!
Anyway it was good enough for 3rd place! Ha!!! I was 8 seconds off the
lead. Hopefully this bodes well for our team for the rest of the week.
The gringo toshiba team is having a ton of fun, now if only we spoke
any Spanish...


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lizrides said...

Congrats on your miserable TT. Have a great race and enjoy being the gringo.

Anonymous said...

LOL Yosvany says you practiced enough mexican spanish with Paco in Philly..put it to use! Congrats on 3rd!!

Angie & Yosva