Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Senior games

I woke up this morning and was walking to the coffee shop and stumbled across this going on. Its was the senior games home run derby. They had an ambulance and everything on site just in case the excitement was too much to handle.
Yesterdays race was awesome and way way way fast and tough. It is so cool racing against pro tour teams and all the domestic hitters.
The race was 12 laps on a 7 mile course with 3 small climbs each lap. I felt alright and survived although i was just pack fill all day. It is kind of hard to do anything when the pace is mach 8 for 3 hours straight.
I am hoping tomorrow doesn't feel as fast but i have an inkling that is not going to be the case especially since there is a 1 mile climb on each of the last 3 laps. Should be interesting...
I am going to practice my batting now so i can whoop the other seniors when i get that old.

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Anonymous said...

it's not nice to make fun of old people!

Grady said...

Welcome to Lancaster! Are you staying over by F&M college?
Good luck tomorrow and hope to see you Sunday.
AT Stamp

Anonymous said...

all milo wants to do is look at you pictures on cyclingnews. he wants you to be his daddy