Tuesday, April 22, 2008

check out this prime

Yes that is the prime i won on sunday during the Dogwood Classic Criterium in Knoxville TN. Yes that is 5 gels at a retail value of $5.89. Ha!!!
The race was sweet though, as it was a non technical crit course but 3 of the 4 straights were uphill and the one that was downhill was super fast.
I managed to get away near the beginning of the race with 5 others and as the race progressed 3 of us lapped. I then took advnatage of some in-fighting between my other 2 breakaway partners and got away again for the win. It was a fun tune up race for twilight this weekend and I feel good...just need to get my car fixed and everything will be alright.

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Rowbear said...

worst prime ever