Monday, April 28, 2008

Rough Start

But at least I have a half naked Jim cooking for me...

So Athens Twilight was this past saturday, and that race is by far the coolest race of the year. The crowds are crazy and super loud and the racing is so so so fast.
I flatted and crashed going really fast about 15 laps in this year taking out Frank in the process. It hurt a good amount and i have some decent road rash. After that my bike didn't seem normal, as it was handling super weird and was flexing all over. Turns out my fork was a bit damaged.

I also broke a carbon Dura Ace wheel, that is probably the last time my team will let me ride the race wheels...HA!

Anyway it was a tough start for us, but there is a ton more crit racing to do this week and it will be a blast. We are super excited to have another go at it.

The best part about athens is hanging out with everyone after the race. The town is sweet and has a ton of cool bars.
Here is UH and Tori celebrating their birthdays.

The inferno boys were out on the town too looking good as ever. Here is bennett protecting UH from Rich...ha!!!

Beufort SC is the next race on tuesday night.


E-rich said...

Sorry to hear about the 'rash Mark. We are still rootin' for ya up here in the Dash.

Caroline said...

We were among those rootin' for you at the Twilight, and unfortunately we were on the hill where the nasty crash was. Sorry it didn't work out again this year, but glad you got to enjoy the nighttime in the Classic City afterwards.

Anonymous said...

markus - GREAT job on speed week!!!! AWESOME results. I saw you sprint for the finish line in Dilworth and was yelling for you the whole race (did you hear me?). THAT sprint gave me goosebumps.... can't wait to hear the stories - hope to see ya int he shop soon.