Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thanks Kyle

My friend kyle P sent me this article from The whole article is great and funny. It talks more about oboe, but the bassoon is just as relevant. Here is the excerpt:

From "Death by Oboe" by Jan Swafford.
In the modern world, nothing in music is more tragicomic than the subject of double-reed instruments like the oboe and bassoon. If you're an oboist or bassoonist in a high-school band, you buy ready-made reeds. Otherwise, you make your own from scratch, using expensive aged cane from particular terroirs, preferably in southern France. Cutting and trimming and binding and shaving reeds consumes a good deal of your days, while other musicians are practicing and regular people are having fun or making love. If you play the oboe seriously, much of your free time is spent making reeds, not love. Besides being ridiculously fragile, reeds are also sensitive to humidity, which on a soggy night can turn an orchestral woodwind section into a squawkfest.

A professional oboist will tell you more than you need to know about what constitutes a Mozart reed, a Mahler reed, a Stravinsky reed, and so on. If he plays in a pops orchestra, there's probably a Lennon/McCartney reed. If he wants to show you his reed knife, which is razor sharp, you should keep an eye on the exit. Reed making and the pressure on the brain that comes from blowing into an oboe can do unpredictable things to a person.

Just for the record, bassoon reeds are just as bad as oboe reeds.
I am in Athens GA training for a week and it RULES here. Did 5 hours in the mtns today and it was 75 and sunny...sweet.


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i can't believe i made the blog. awesome. i miss you marky!

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