Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sounds like a party to me

Check out this article on Twilight, (scroll down) it sounds like its gonna be a ton of fun.

In other news I got my car back and I am out of vaseline now. It is nice having a new transmission because with the new one I can get up to about 15mph and throw it into reverse while I am still going forward and it catches right away and starts going backwards. It is fun and it only seems to work when the car is new.


Rich said...

Sure hope your girl is goin as you wont have me there to keep you of trouble.


VictoriaGlyn said...

1. I am assuming thats not rich harper below b/c he promised he was coming....


2. that article makes it sound like REM is playing at Twilight....only in my wildest dreams will that ever happen