Monday, January 03, 2000

Older and wiser.

Older and wiser.
So I turned 31 last week and you would think that my wisdom with
regards to bicycle racing would be that much greater. Apparently not.
We traveled to the Tour of Battenkill last weekend which was a 13 hour
car drive one way. The morning of the race I thought ( in my infinite
wisdom) that I should adjust my cleats. So with two hours til the race
start I managed to strip the threads out of my shoes. Sweet. With no
other option I did what every other hack bike mechanic would do and jb
welded my cleat on. It lasted 20 minutes untill it fell completly off
and my trip was over. Double sweet. I was really proud of myself and
luckily had a 13 hour drive to think about it.
We are enroute to Athens for Speedweek. I'm excited for this trip. We
have a ton of fast guys on Team Mtn Khakis so it should be a fun fast
In other pedal news I had an older gentleman (who weighed at most 150
lbs) come into the shop this week and ask me what pedals would be the
best for him because he puts out so much power he keeps bending his
pedals. He went on to explain how in one spot of his stroke he really
"exudes an obscene amount of power" I didn't really know what to tell
him as he had a nice pair of stainless speedplays.
Anyway can you tell I'm typing this while we drive as I am rambling now.

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