Friday, January 05, 2007

two good hands

It is amazing how easier life is with two functioning hands. I did get used to the cast, but I forgot how nice it is without it on. I have been doing all sorts of strange things this week. Since I got my cast off and a 100% go ahead jones from my doctor, I have just been going nuts and doing all the things that I normally don't do. I have vaccumed TWICE this week and I even made my bed once--weird. I don't know where this bizarre behavior is coming from and it makes me feel a little unsettled on my insides. I also finally cleaned out my car from a summer of racing...I vaccumed that too. Cleaning the car was an interesting, I found a whole bunch of waterbottles filled with urine underneath the seat that must have been there for a while. It didn't look or smell like mine...hmmm.
Rich Harper just came in--we are going to ohio for a meeting.
It looks like his eyebrows are waxed and he has been spending a bunch of time in a tanning bed.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Harper is a freak! Be careful. Be very careful.

Glad you're not dead.

Anonymous said...

no wonder your car smells like piss
call me. some news
-brown bear

HilJack41 said...

hey kid just figured since i sent you and email id say hi on here too since i have a page too

Anonymous said...

Harper needs a girlfriend.....