Monday, April 01, 2013

Disclaimer: Today is the day this blog will "jump the shark" as if it hasn't already...I realize a ton has happened since my last post 3 years ago. Here is a quick rundown of what I have been doing:
*I am finishing up my final semester of the DMA program at UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
*I have been only playing the bassoon for the last three years and not really exercising at all, I have dabbled in some jogging, but that is it.
*UH and I have a baby who is 13 months old already. Her name is Harlow and she rules.

I know that today is April Fools day, and it is an exhausting day to be on engaged on the interwebs, but I assure you that this is no joke: I am going to blog my way through my dissertation. I am not going to formally post it, but I am going to use this blog as an accountability tool, and use a systematic approach to explaining what is actually going on. I will post things bit by bit and maybe some will understand the whole picture and maybe some won't. The main reason I am going to post bit by bit is because I am not entirely sure of the specific scope of the project.

I have some weekly goals important to my project this week, they are quite simple:
1. Drink 1.5 l of water everyday, I have a bottle that holds that much, and I want to see if I can simply drink it everyday. I know it sounds simple, I am starting slow :)
2. Run 5 times for a total minimum combined time of 2.5 hours
3. Practice 6 times for a total minimum combined time of 6 hours.

Lets see if I can achieve these goals this week. I'm starting slow, but things will get more exciting soon, I promise!
OMG I am embarrassed at how boring this blog is going to be!

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