Monday, May 08, 2006

I like big bikes and I cannot lie

The World Series of Criterium Racing has officially come to a close. I escaped without a single scratch on me--I definately left a bunch of rubber on the pavement--but no skin. There were 6 races total with 10,000 in prizes each day. As a result there were 150 guys there every night. Oh yeah, the races were all 50 miles each...ouch. I held my own, I finished 19th, 23rd, 19th, 27th, 18th, and 15th which put me in 28th for the omnium and officially the highest ranked amateur. Holla.
Every single one of these races came down to a field sprint which means there is incredible amount of movement and swarming and elbow throwing while we would jockey for positions. It is probably the scariest thing in the is usually scary at 28mph, but we were going close to 40 at the end of a lot of these stages. Someone ripped their shorts on my sti shifters--no joke--I didn't go down, I almost did. My bike is so stable, I think it would take a linebacker to tackle me to get me down--KNOCK ON WOOD. Seriously though, I got caught up, pushed over, chopped in corners, hit pedals, cornered off road in to a yard, and hopped curbs all at about 30mph and the bike just did what I wanted it to every time. Pretty Cool.
So I am now home for a couple days and then I take off to Arkansas for 2 seperate stage races and hopefully a trip to Louisiana in between.
The library is closing now, but I have some good stories coming up that I have to share. I should write a book about traveling with rich harper. it would be entertaining to say the least.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Big boys need big bikes. I'd say "I told you so", but I'm a grown up... ah, what the hell... I TOLD YOU SO! See? I know what I'm talking about...

I still think you're pretty though.

Nice work. Very proud of you and the team.

Please, don't publish that book until I'm out of the industry and already voted into office. I don't need the controversy...

Grimm said...

Great job Mark! I'm glad that guy who ripped his shorts wasn't me. On the other hand that would of meant I would have been fast enough to keep up with you.

Proud Teammate of Mark Hekman and yes I still have that Linebacker figure. 210 and I race on A&F/Inferno

One of these days I hope to be a blocker for Hekman. In order to keep up with the stud he will have to take a 190 pound lineman.

victoria.glyn said...

so was this dog that tackled you off your bike a linebacker??