Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yes I got spanked in Arkansas

So I was really excited to do the Joe Martin Stage Race in AR last week--especially coming off a week of super fast crit racing, but unfortunately I got sick--real sick--and yes I did race which was stupid. I am finally starting to feel better, so hopefully Tripeaks this weekend will go better than last weekend. Oh yeah, even if I wasn't sick my chain still would have broken on the second stage and I still would have had to ride Sean's (teamate) 53cm bike 50 miles solo to the finish. That was not fun, but I wish someone had a picture of it because it must have looked hilarious. Anyway we will do better this next week. Hopefully Ryan Gamm won't break another fork and 2 more wheels which he managed to do on the first stage--he also had to borrow a bike and ride solo all the way to the finish. Hopefully Andy won't break his cleat on the last stage and have to pull out and not get a finishing time and therefore having to dnf the whole week. AHH the joy of stage racing.
I am in Lousiana right now which is very enjoyable. I am going out to get some VOODOO BARBECUE tonite...yum.
I leave on thursday to go back to AR for another stage race, this one will go better I hope.
Congrats to Danielle Musto and Mark Hendershot for winning their 12 hour races this past weekend. Maybe soon Mark will learn how to spell my last name properly because I have only known him for ten years now.


Scott said...

How do you and your team mates break so much shit, anyway?

Anonymous said...

dude, just checking in on you.

you're still a stud to us.