Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm bAaack

I am back at the library, back to this booger covered keyboard. The keyboard is black so you can't see all the dirty snot on it--what you don't know can't hurt you.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have been racing my bike all over the place and I don't have a laptop or internet acess when I am on the road--at least that is my excuse. So I will pick things up from where I left off which was in Louisiana.

I left Louisiana and went the the Tri-Peaks stage race which was back in Arkansas. It was a 3 day stage race with an opening day crit and two hilly road races. The crit was awesome, it started real fast and the field split in half, luckily I made the front half. I ended up sprinting and getting second in the field sprint, but at the time, I didn't realize there was a breakaway up the road, so I really thought I got second. Good thing I didn't win because I would have done a victory salute and that would have been a bit embarrissing.
The road races were fine, the last day ended on a 3 mile climb at 22% and I gave up within 100 meteres of starting the climb. I can't hang with those skinny little boys. So as a result, my overall placing wasn't too high--oh well.

After getting back from arkansas I was home for a few days and then left for a four day criterium bender. The first stop was raleigh nc which is an NRC crit and was at night. It started raining shortly into the race and then it started pouring. At one point there was at least 1 foot of standing water in a corner--no exageration. The field splintered and I was at the front of the race with only 21 people left in the field. With two laps to go two guys in front of me crashed and I hit the pavement ripping my bottle cage right off my bike and taking some very nice dedachi tubing with it. :( That bike was awesome and now it has a hole in it and there aren't anymore in that size. I am devastated, never has my bike fit me so well felt so good underneath me. Those days are over, I am afaid. I am not giving up, I have a tube of jb weld just waiting to solve the problem.
Anyway I got back on my bike and got 21st place. Still in the money, but had the potential to be a good result. Mad props to my teamate rich who got gapped off in a corner and rode 15 laps (miles) solo and didn't get lapped--now that is an accomplishment. He ended up 25th.

The next morning Rich Harper and myself left early and drove up to batlimore MD for stop #2, another crit called the BikeJam. We met Todd Shaker and Jeremy Grimm (both teamates) up there. I broke my cleat in half on the second lap. Luckily I wasn't pulling up hard on it so I didn't crash. There was neutral support at the race so I got a toeclip put on and took a free lap and ended up finishing in the field. We do get the team of the day award because I jammed on my brakes and took a bad line through a corner which resulted in me taking out my teamate Jeremy Grimm. SORRY GRIMM--Hope your ribs feel better soon. JK he is ok...I think.

After the race we drove to round #3 which was in Bound Brook NJ. This was the only stop that was Not NRC. I ended up getting a break and rich blocked like no one has blocked before--I am surprised he didn't get punched, but he took it for the team. I ended up getting pimped in the sprint so I got second. It is funny, you can race so perftectly all day, but if you screw up the last 10 seconds, you don't win. I'll take the second place.

Round #4 was the Tour of Sommerville which is a very big race. All the hitters were there. Rich got two primes, which is no small feat and all of us stayed in the field. I attacked on the last lap and got about 10 meters on the field, maybe it was feet, but ended up 28th, Rich also got in the money with 32nd. I love big money crits because the prize money for 28th place is still $240. Not bad for an hour of being packfill.
Mad props to Todd Shaker for finishing sommerville on his first try. That is no easy feat, especially when you can count on one hand the number of crits you have done in the last decade. Good job Todd.

I am home now for some much needed recovery time and then off to the Nature Valley Grand Prix in minnesota on June 15. Now that I am home, I should be able to update more regularly from this wonderful high tech library.

Congrats to Danielle Musto and Mark Hendershot for coming down to North Carolina and showing the rednecks how yankees race ultras. SWEET!!!!


Danielle said...

That's a lot of racing that your doing down there.

Thanks for letting us stay with you, it was super fun. I think that I left my Rubaeous beer in your fridge so you better drink it, Raspberry flavored or not.

Hopefully I'll be able to visit again this summer!!!

See ya

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Hey- A new 60cm frame is on theway to you. It's the same one, so you will be just as pretty as ever.

The Sponsor

Anonymous said...

thanks Hek. I was just following your advice! It's hard not to do ok when you have 2 of the best riders in the country on your team!