Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Training camp #327

So trainging camp #327 starting on sunday and was supposed to continue until thursday came to a close on monday night. We (ryan gamm and I) did our weekly hour goal in two days--so we are done training for the week. On sunday afternoon we did the infamous triple hump which took 6 hours and then we ate, went straight to bed, got up and rode 8 hours and 45 minutes. Training camp is over, ryan went home and I am going to work. Actually Ryan found out last night that he had to work last night and tonight, so he left this morning--I am so sad now.
We did RIDE for 8 1/2 hours yesterday we were gone for 9 1/4. I was the most epic ride of my stay here in nc yet. We rode north to the blue ridge parkway (60 miles away) and then rode on the parkway north for 25 miles before turning right and heading home (another 60 miles) the ride totaled 240k with massive amount of climbing. We followed the ride up with grande burritos, grande dos equis, grande milkshakes, and a bunch of sleep. It was AWESOME. At the time, yesterday around the 6 hour marker when we stil have 60 miles to go I was questioning my intelligence and continued to question it until I was sleeping last night. This morning however LIFE IS GOOD. Mainly because I did that ride and I never have to do it again.

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Deb Miller said...

You MUST get some Chlorox disinfecting wipes for that library keyboard. That is really disgusting! I just wanted to ask you what your current email address is, Mark?
Your sister :)