Wednesday, June 28, 2006

chillin in Cbus

The annual tour of ohio is in progress right now and the a&f cycling team is in full throttle. The race is going great and it is awesome to be back in columbus. I am staying with my old roomate-teamate-friend nate z. Nate is a bike messenger in downtown columbus and decided to do the race as well. This is his first race of the year and he is doing great. He has this awesome apartment on the south side and it has been awesome staying here.
The race is good. Yesterday was a super tough circuit race where the field was whittled down to about 40 people (started with 80) The course consisted of continuous rollers followed by super tight turns--it was great. Andy A got in the second group and finished 7th GO ANDY. Abe, myself and apparently Jered all finished in the main group (15th-30ish) The team worked their butts off all day--I mean they worked so hard it was ridiculous and awesome. There are some really fast guys here, so I hope the team can pull out a top ten--that would be great.
Today we did the hardest race I have done all year--by far. 6 huge climbs within 60 miles, actually within 45 because the first 15 miles were flat. Our team had a wonderfully tactical race and EVERYONE contributed--it was great. Abe and Andy both ended up in the top ten and I finished 18th. I realized that i don't go up hill as fast as a lot of people. I was at the front of the race until the last climb, which is only 2 miles from the finish, but I couldn't do that last climb, it was aweful. I thought I might have to walk, but I made it in. Abe and Andy are both in a great position for good overall finishes so our focus is going to shift to them for the remainder of the race. Good stuff. Tommorow is a circuit race, friday is a time trial and saturday is the worlds hardest criterium. I think I have done three of those this year.

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