Wednesday, April 12, 2006

spring time

It is so nice down here right now, the leaves are all blooming and it is very green and colorful. I think spring is probably my favorite time of year, especially when the time changes.

My brother rich and his wife rachel came down for a few days last week. It was awesome. We rode bikes ate food and drank beer. Life is good down at the farm. I have been enjoying seeing my family and I appreciate them driving so far to come see me. I should have some pictures from their trip soon so stay tuned.

Mark Hendershot is here right now--hence the lack of updates--enough said about that. His wife roberta cooked us so much wonderful food it is awesome. We have been eating like kings, at least I have...I actually haven't seen mark eat yet...which is probably for the better because his full-figured behind keeps on getting dropped on the climbs.

Tonight is the first time trial at the lowes motor speedway. I guess it is a southern tradition because there are like 300 people registered. I am going to do it on a tandem with my teamate. Not any tandem though, this is a medium/small which means it is tiny. Moreover I am going to be in THE BACK!!!! So basically I am going to be spooning andy while I ride this time trial. It should be fun and I hope I get a picture with us because we have matching aero helmets and should be a riot. We are going to try and set the course record so stay tuned.

Enjoy the spring!!!


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Dude, if you don't get a picture of the tandem TT, I will personally come out there and whoop yer butt!

Groupie said...