Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finally did it

So I finally shaved--first time since thanksgiving. I won the 2nd annual paceline bicycles beard growing contest. I won last year also, TWO IN A ROW. Here are the before and after pictures.

I went to asheville this weekend to race mountain bikes and train with my teamate/coach/friend Andy Applegate. We had fun, but it was COLD. On Saturday it didn't get above freezing which is cold to us weak southerners. Anyway the race was awesome, the trail was frozen and had packed snow all over which was actually quite easy to ride on. Andy and I both did all right. I had 2nd place in the bag but flatted with 1k to go, i rode it in and managed to hold on for 3rd. Andy got pimped at the line but still rolled in for 5th place.
I forgot how much fun mountain biking is, everyone is so laid back which is a nice change of pace from the pretencious (sp?) roadie world
Check out Andy's stem, he has another one on his tandem. I didn't even know nuke proof was still around when 1 1/8 head tubes came out.

My 30lb hardtail. Those wheels roll over everything though and make up for a serious lack of technical skills. Rocky decent? Just go straight down...its awesome.


Tim said...

New bike.....New Car....Life doesn't get any better!

brandon said...

so fresh and so clean clean. should have kept that beast.

Anonymous said...

turns out...there's direct dispute concerning your 2nd victory in the 2nd annual Paceline Bicycles Beard contest. The final ruling has yet to be handed down.

vincent said...

looks like u still have the farm

rich said...

until i looked at the pic closer, i thought u were wearing a mickey mouse hat.

with that look on your face and the mickey mouse hat, i was concerned.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what did the last one say?

-brown bear