Friday, February 23, 2007

Team Camp Pics

Team Camp is AWESOME. Nothing like eating, riding, eating, eating, and sleeping. It is a good routine to get into. The weather has been outstanding and the riding in Macon GA is wonderful. Here are some pics from camp.

First and foremost this is Chad Thompson--The boss man--he gets it done and looks good doing it.

Mr Vice President and brand new first time parent Ryan Rish...gettin it done.

This is our view from hotel room. Someone knows what restaurant I like.

This my roomate at camp Frankie Dierking. He doesn't snore and likes good coffee so we have been getting along great.

This Bennet Vandergenugten--good ole dutch boy showing off his guns.

This is how he aquires the GUNS!!

Marco Aledia showing us how he rolls...this was not staged, he indeed was texting while riding...what can I say he is a BALLER!

Rich Harper trying desperately to be cool.

Neil Coleman, our weapon from the UK just being cool, must be the accent.

Me trying to show off our slipstreams. Slipstreams are ear guards which clip on your helmet strap and eliminate the wind noise. I love them as I need to protect my hearing and have been worrying lately about all the howling wind. They work great and look dorky, so I love them.

Us testing out our new carbon bikes and wheels, taking good care of them.

Riding in only shorts and jerseys...NICE!!!

Brandon Gavic is one crazy dude and a ton of fun.



BVDG said...

A and F cycling RULES!!! WHOOOOooOOOOOOOO!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You guys are the best! I wish I could've been there this year. I am so glad to see these pictures and even happier you goofballs like the bikes.

JC's said...

Hey Mark cool pics.

I just want to know how Bennet's arm is?

You have Bennet's # I would like to see if he is ok.

Ian Stanford said...

I came home to 30 inches of snow. I prefer the good coffee, the long rides, and the Hooters burgers. God, that didn't sound right. At least I won't go broke spending $10-a-day at Starbucks. Good training and an awesome freak'in team. (I have to change my blogger photo)

iruntheteam said...

Mark is my favorite. Why? He pays homage to all. And, he looks great in white camo baby!!!!

Tingler said...

Colemans jersey with the union jack is classy.
Chad could not have had anything to do with that design.