Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ladies Week In NC--on to Georgia

Yes I know it has been a long time since I updated, but I am doing it now so just deal.
A ton of stuff has been going on and it has all been positive. First of all, Ladies Week just finished here at the farm. I had the chance to put up the "so hot now" slingshot women's mountain bike team for a week of training. We had so much fun and did a crapload of miles. It was a rough weeks though, all I had to do was ride, and then come home and watch them cook me dinner while I drank the founders beer they brought me. We are not talking rice and beans here, more like chicken parm with pasta and spinach chicken enchilada casserole. Oh Yeah it was nice.

We had a great time and it was super nice having people to ride with here are some pictures from the week.

Here are Danielle (left) and Bonnie in the kitchen. (yes mom they are both married)

Here are the pancakes that Danielle tried to cook, oh yeah about what I said earlier about them cooking, I take it back. Bonnie was the one who cooked all the time. These pancakes were Danielles first and last attempt and at cooking. We still ate them.

The week was awesome and they have a pass to come back anytime they want. You can read all about it in detail at

Jim showed up on friday night bearing gifts--one of the perks of putting everything in your life on hold to race bikes.

The new stuff is trickling in. Yes I know it is camoflaged.

I hope I have enough shorts, we only recieved 5 pairs each to go with our 4 skinsuits.

New Wheels to go with the new frames. MASI CARBON YEEEEEHAAWWW!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Jim and I are drving down to Macon GA for the A&F training camp. The camp goes all week and should be a ton of fun. It is supposed to be close to 60 every day so it will a little warmer than what we have had in NC. It has been a tough winter here. I think it got below freezing the other day. WOW. I hope all the northerners are loving the warmth up there. HA!!!!


bonnie said...

you forgot to post the 'other' pic of us in our sports bras and stinky bike clothes, slaving over the stove! J/k!

We had a great time - Training was awesome! Thanks so much for letting us take over your abode for a week! We almost turned around when we saw the snow - have a good one in Georgia!

FYI - my bike misses your SPINNERGYs

Scott said...

Dude, why are their pictures on your blog of my wife in your house?

She told me she was on a business trip to Detroit!!!!

You're dead, man.

JC's said...

Awesome stuff! Have a great season Mark!

Anonymous said...

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