Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reason # 2129 why Cali is the best

Reason # 2129 why Cali is the best
I'm on a public transit bus and it has wifi. That is crazy.
I'm on my way back to Redlands for the Redlands classic. I just
spent the last 3 days visiting with Aliza and her brother, Taylor and
his wife, Sarah. We had a great time. They picked me up after San
dimas and we spent a couple days riding beach cruisers around Venice,
eating, bowling, eating, being tourists, eating, hiking, eating and
just relaxing. It was awesome to see them and Aliza. Now taking the
bus halfway back to Redlands and then Im gonna ride my bike the rest
of the way (they have bike racks on the busses).
The racing has been going good. No crashes yet and we have been
consistently finishing in the front groups which is no small feat on
the west coast this time of year. Redlands starts tom and that is our
final race out here. I'm definately going to miss California but at
the same time am excited to get home.

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milo said...

you need to buy a lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

Please come home Marky. I miss your spindly arms and flat flat abs!

Anonymous said...

I miss you firm tushy too!!!!

Anonymous said...

three weeks in california, redlands classic, and this is all you give us?