Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I found another college photo


Mike said...

i'd like to see you fit that under a bike helmet

Aunt Kate said...

Looks like a serious mug shot to me. Anything you need to talk to Uncle Terry about? It will be held in the strictest of confidence (until the story hits me and no promises here,,,I may have an obligation to "talk" to my sists, the one with the fake wedding tans.

Beautiful hair your children will have. Aunt Kate

vergelimbo said...

hey herman!
just caught up on your blog/life...hilarious antics/pics.

The mugshot reminds me of a line from Fletch: "He stands 6 feet tall, 6'6" with the Afro"

I hope you are well and happy new year!


--$riCh$-- said...

its actually pretty sad there are so many people that look like Bro Herman on the web. Hopefully none of these other impostors are out to make a name for themselves!

Scott said...

45" of snow in SE Michigan?


Here in Gods Country, Bland Crapids, we've had nearly 100".

Put that in your Toro and blow it!