Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yes it is sunday and I succesfully survived another week of training. The volume is pretty high right now but it feels good be riding on a consistent basis. I get to see tons of church signs. This one is this weeks winner.

The rivers were high this week and I did manage to get through these high waters. This one required hiking over rocks and yes I was wearing my road shoes.

This one I did the classic "unclip and pick my feet up as I can and hope my momentum gets me through it" I went to fast though and the spray up soaked me.

Burger graduated on friday from the PetSmart Puppy School. If you look closely you can see me choking him to get him to stand still. He is totally Marley from "Marley and Me" Its uncanny.

This could be the best mispelling of Hekman ever.


a2 said...

wasssup bro-herman??? you know that is your new name now right???...bro-herman?

milo said...

hilarious! you are a douche mr herman
but that pic of burger is super cute

Angeline said...

LOL HERMAN! Classic! Yosvany wants to know where is it that your riding? Carolina? Burger is cute though!

cameron said...

i'm glad you got dressed up for the occasion.
you look like the pilot that just called in a distress signal then parachuted into a swamp

Anonymous said...

this blog is starting to get updated about as much as the paceline blog