Sunday, March 11, 2007

A&F Gettin It Done

Look at all these people watching the finish of the road race.

So this weekend was the first weekend of "REAL" racing, not just training races. Rich Harper, Andy Applegate, and myself all headed over to beautiful Knoxville TN for some racing; no we did not make it to Dolly World, although I really wanted to.

The race on Sat was a 85 mile road race through some awesome rolling country roads. The racing was pretty negative at first, but we were attacking and trying to get something going. I ended up the road solo with about 40 miles to go while Rich and Andy controlled the field. A group of three bridged up to me after ten miles and we worked real well together until about 7 miles to go. I attacked up a hill and went solo to the finish for the win. It was great. Rich and Andy totally shut down the field and allowed our break to ride away and it was a great team effort. YEAH!!!!

After the race we did some serious recovery with 32 oz dos equis and burritios followed by more high carb adult beverages--in pure Mark Hendershot style.

Sunday was a very technical crit through downtown Knoxville, which is gorgeous. Andy did a flying start and just took off like he doesn't need glasses anymore and just stole his bicycle. I managed to bridge up to him, by following a move from AT (1st grade teacher extroidinare). Andy, Dirk (local super hero) and myself lapped the field while Rich controlled it. I ended up going up the road again without any other lappers for the win while andy took third and rich took the field sprint. OH YEAAHHH!!!

All I can say is that is so cool traveling and racing with this team. We don't discuss what we are going to do, it is understood and we just get it was great. We are racing as a team and it shows. It doesn't matter who wins as long as it is Abecrombie and Fitch.

Yeah I know this is a cheesy post, but A&F rocked it and we are excited for the season. I am enjoying this now, while the enivitible burnout is looming in a few months...

A shout out goes to Tim Jackson, who helped us out with our race rigs...I have never been on a full carbon bike before, and our bikes are not just carbon, they are "TOP SHELF" carbon and they are so sweet!!!! I was always in the mindset that a bike is a bike, but that is false. A racing bike is light and stiff and that is what we have and it feels like a weapon, not a bike. LIFE IS GOOD.


smackthewonderclown said...

Congrads man nice come back after the arm injury. So of course Laura and I are never coming out to ride with you now.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

That is awesome! I am supper stoked for you and the guys.

You guys rule!

Anonymous said...

good thing chuck norris wasn't racing this weekend

Matt said...

Hey Mark! I don't even know how I ended up on this page but this is your old cycling buddy Matt Murray from back in the G.S. Blauwkamp days.....remember me, maybe?!

Man, it has been a while, anyway, good to see you are still keeping at it, I'm really proud of ya. If you have any desire to see what I've been up to you can check it out at

I'm finishing up my last year of med school at the University of Sydney (yes, down under) Anyway....Good luck with your racing and keep in touch!