Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I feel guilty

So today Andy and I went to tsali and rode. It was one of those magical days where everything is perfect and then you get on the bike and everything gets even better. 4 hours went by like it was ten minutes. I have talked to lots of people who ride a lot and they all say that on some days, everything is absolutely wonderful. Those days don't come around all the time, well quite a bit here, but this was exceptional.
The weather was Perfect, about 60 with a few clouds, no wind, the trail is in absolutely wonderful shape and Andy and I carved that singletrack like it was nobody's business. The hills didn't seem too steep at all and the downhills had some amazing flow to them.
This is why I ride my bike. I felt guilty--for a little bit, putting my bassoon life on hold for a bit, while i pursue racing and enjoying the life of a bike bum. This ride reminded me why I am doing this, and that is because I LOVE IT, I absolutely love riding my bicycle. It was so wonderful and I was so content with my life and everything involved with it afterwards. It definately made the 8 hour round trip worth while. We used to come down here when I was living at home, but I don't remember loving it this much, maybe it is my sweet mtb I get to use this year. Thanks Paceline Bicycles.
Tsali is the best trail in the world for a roadie, it is so fast and so smooth, you can just go the whole time and not get tired.
We almost ran out of gas on the way there, which is in BFE..good thing i have more gas after when the fuel light goes on than I thought.

Western NC at it's finest

What a way to spend wednesday.

So congrats to Sanjaya Malakar, who is the least favorite american idol...he just made it to the final 10...YEAH!!!
Gotta go, I have some Dogfish 60 Minute IPA in the fridge calling my name.


Anonymous said...

what a queer...

Bob said...

Hey Mark, gotta say I'm jealous today. You're living the dream! Enjoy...

Danielle said...

I'm going to quit reading your blog because it just makes me jealous.

Quit voting for Sanjaya.

dhutton said...

Dude, Im having withdraw from beautiful North Carolina.

p.s. Sorry for the drunk dial last night. Lemme know about the race in the summer. Im 100% on board and im getting my upgrade uhhhh now.

lazy said...

Good stuff dude. I gotta learn more from this type of angle on life.

iruntheteam said...

So, how did I get left out of the MTB gig, and what uniform is Andy wearing? Is there a MTB team I do not know about that my riders are a part of?!!!! Sooooo f-ing busted!!!