Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Roadies Gone Wild Part Deux

So the roadies whooped up on the mountain bikers again this past weekend. I won my first pro/semi-pro race in my life. It was sweet. I think the mtbers are going to be happy when the road season really gets into full swing. The course was good for me, hardly any singletrack and lots of dirt roads. I did a full roadie attack with about 6 miles to go and road home for the win. Oh YEAH.
I actually did a ton of racing this weekend. Rich and I went down to a road race on saturday morning. It was hot and fast and there were a TON of people there. The race was 100k and within 10 the break was established and I found myself in it. The break hammered for the rest of the race, nothing like a 90k Team Time Trial. Anyway with about 10k to go everyone starts attacking each other. I followed a few moves and then promptly fell apart--completely. I managed to hang on and not get caught for 7th. We went from a 3 minute gap to 15 seconds at the end. It HURT.
Sunday Andy I got up at 530 am to go to the mtb race. I thought that I would feel ok because I tend to feel better after a huge effort the previous day. The mtb race was at 9am and we knocked that out. After the mtb race there was a crit on the way home, so I figured I would hit that up as well.
The crit was all the same guys as the road race so I knew a break would go early. Rich was there so between the two of us we made sure that everything was covered. Of course one of the splits I made ended up working...why??? All I wanted to do was sit in the pack and this meant I was going to have to suffer for an entire hour. Our break was flying and Rich was controlling the field so we ended up lapping. Once we lapped rich continued to work his butt off so I would have an opportunity to win. i choked and ended up 4th. Nuts. It was a good race though and a bunch of fun.
The weather here has been outstanding. High 70s and sunny, everything is turning green already...love it.


Anonymous said...

god you make my legs hurt just reading about your races

dhutton said...

Dude... you are never off the bike. SICK!