Monday, March 19, 2007

Roadies gone Wild

Went to a mtb race this was 24 miles of the most tight, twisty, rooty, muddy, gullieing, annoying singletrack ever. IT WAS AWESOME. I got spanked, by the ground, trees, my bike, mud, and more trees. It was a cool course, but my mtb skills are not up to par, but I am working on it. The race went well I ended up 5th in the pro/semi pro category while andy got 9th. Jon Hamblen was there also and he stuck it to all the mtb ers there by winning by a good margin. It was funny to see all us roadies showing up to a mtb race where technique is so important. I guess that is a good way to get better and it will help this fall in cyclocross.
I ate this because I figured that this is what MTB racers eat...yum

The weather is supposed to be awesome this week and I am looking forward to a week of solid training. I am going to tsali on wednesday and I can't wait. I haven't been there since the secret training camp days.

GO to and do your part to ruin the show "american idol"
lets not worry about global warming or anything, just taking down that show...see i am doing my part to make a difference.

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dhutton said...

Looks like a very nice breakfast for you guys. by the way im 100% in for that race weekend down there!