Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break Madness!!!

So the spring breakers have just left...booohooo. We had so much fun I can't even beging to explain. Last night dave (guy with his hand in the gumball machine) cooked a fantastic dinner, it was wonderful. Some of Ryan's female friends stopped in on their way back to Miami University and they were super cool. It was a top ten night of all times--no joke but now my foot is discolored because I actually finally went swimming in my pond. What???

This was lunch yesterday on the ride, YUM!!


David Hutton said...

BOOOHOOO... top 5 on my weeks away from oxford!

Lets give it up for the p-points

Barry said...

On the scale, what would you rank them?

dhutton said...

I rate you a 10 Mark... im expecting a similar scale. ha.