Monday, March 06, 2006

Back in NC

Well I didn't race--i figured that since it was one loop of 100 miles that if I started and then felt like crap 50 miles into it, that it would be a long ride home. I made the right decision, so I am ok with it.

The best thing about being sick is getting better. I feel so good now and I appreciate it so much, it almost makes getting sick worth while. I do feel good, and it is good to be back in North Carlonina.

The drive home wasn't too bad. 13 hours in the car with only two stops, I almost did it with only one, but I was about 20 miles short on gas. The satellite radio is the best, it makes time go by so fast, especially when howard is on for 5 hours straight.

The "Hekman Bed and Breakfast presented by the Haberkern Family" is open again this week. My good friend Keiran from Ohio State is coming over tommorow for a couple of days of training. I am back to 100% so I am excited. I enjoy people coming over because it forces me to ride and not just to do easy rides, I like to break people in when they come--I find the hardest rides possible and causually act like it is an easy ride--and then end it by going up pilot mountain. The rides are always easier when you know whats coming, so it is fun to catch them off gaurd and inform them that there is still a 2 hour ride home.

I watched the movie Road Trip yesterday. It is a HILARIOUS movie, it takes place at my Alma Mater, Ithaca College, although it wasn't filmed there. There are some good scenes in that movie. It made me think back to my undergrad days there, I had a riot and actually learned quite a bit, more about people than anything else, but it was a good time. I wish I had pictures of me back then--I had long hair and a beard--wait--that is what I look like now, except I did shave my beard for some pictures.

My teamate Tim Swain broke his fork on his bike already--way to go Timmah--I accidentally got his hopes up and said that they have free crash replacement--whoops just kidding tim--soorry. He put a nice baby blue fork on it so I'm sure his bike looks as tight as ever.

I have told a few teamates about this blog, but I haven't told them how to find it, and they haven't found it yet...I am dissapointed in their hacking abilities. Come on guys, I want to start talking smack to ya'lls faces.

Now that I am back in NC I won't be able to update this as much, seeing as I have to go to the Public Library and use this disease infested keyboard..I hope I remember to wash my hands before I eat. Actually I should leave a sign and let the people after know that They should wash their hands.

I am back on the bike now that I am feeling better. I going easy for a few days, but I will go on a few death marches once keiran gets here.

Thanks for reading.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Yes, the other folks at the library SHOULD wash their hands... I know where they've been...

Glad you decided to skip the race and play it safe. Lots of racing left to do.

rish said...

busted...I'm only half as dumb as I look

The Ohio State University, "A" Rider said...

Sorry dude, Rish told me about your love letters.