Thursday, March 02, 2006

sick in louisiana

So I just got done with a 6 day training camp at home is NC. 18 people stayed at my house--wow, many of us were either sick at the start or sick right now, like I am. I drove down to LA on tuesday and started to feel a bronchitis type cough, I figured it was just from the efforts in the cold, but it has moved into my head and the cough has gotten worse. I feel horrible because Kerry (my wonderful girlfriend) has a ginormous audition in NYC on sunday....I hope she doesn't get it--the sickness that is. I figured that her immune system is stronger than mine because she didn't ride in the cold for 20 hours in three days like we did and then go out partying. Camp was awesome though, we had a riot. The Abercrombie and Fitch team is the coolest team I have ever been on in my entire life.

I did my first race on sunday in WS. It was a small crit at the legendary DIXIE FAIRGROUNDS. It was really windy so I figured that the race would blow to pieces. It did. JH took off like the cops were after him on his motorcycle, I followed and unfortunately some kid did also. This kid decided that he didn't have to pull so we tried to drop him, but somehow he could chase down our attacks. Now I would like to know how you are strong enough to chase us down attack after attack, but you couldn't pull for one single lap?!!! Anyway i ended up winning and JH got second. Our team did awesome, we had the WELFARE SQUAD (reid peacock, jered gruber, and myself--we are HIGH ROLLERS) there today. Our main goal as always was to win gas money and money to eat on that week. We managed and we all got in the money--reid got 10th and jered got 8th---THATS HOW WE ROLL!!!
It was cool racing with the team, especially since we have matching bikes and jerseys. I do love my new bike.

So sunday is the ROUGE ROUBAIX. It is a 100 mile dirt road race north of Baton Rouge. I hope I feel better by then, but either way it will be fun just to ride the course, it is definately an old school race because you get T-SHIRT when you register--awesome.

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Danielle said...

Cool blog Mark. It's also a trap. I was checking out your sponsors and the next thing I know I was on Abercrombies website for a half hour, shopping...

Get better!