Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i am wearing latex gloves to type this

I am at the library again and you have to wait in line to use the computer and the little kid in front of me literally picked his nose and wiped it on the keyboard. NO JOKE. I went to my car and got my long fingered cycling gloves to type this. Does that make me a germ-a-phobe or just smart--not sure.
I worked this morning--again. That makes two days in a row that i got up at 7am. Life is rough. Rumor has it that a lot of people do that, but I don't believe it.
I worked until 3 and then went out and did some intervals--yes I actually am training, and not just riding this year. I hope it pays off, but actually following a program will probably make me slower--we'll see.
I have started practicing again (my bassoon) and it feels good. I just need to make some reeds--which is kind of tedius. It is so much fun just to play and not have to worry about auditions. It reminds me why I play.
Is it me or are these entries getting a bit sappy? On to better subjects: HOWARD STERN and BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE. As a subscriber of sirius radio, I have the priveledge of listening to howard on the way to work and if that doesn't fill my head up with enough poop and garbarge i get Bubba the Love Sponge--who makes howard look like a saint--on the way home from work. I feel horrible listening to these programs, but they are HILARIOUS--they are just train wrecks. I don't really approve of either of them, but I do listen. It is kind of like watching COPS or WILDEST POLICE VIDEOS--only you can't see them, just listen.
My favorite part of working at this fine library is the old security guard who always walks behind me and reads what I am typing. He doesn't seem to think that is weird.
I love Rural Hall.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

I chortled... out loud... when I read that...

I love booger pickin morons and whacky "security" gaurds.