Monday, March 13, 2006

I am back at the library, and I didn't wash my hands. Things have been awesome here in winston-salem. The weather was in the 70's and 80's all last week and I had some peeps staying with me so we ended up doing some HUGE rides. Last week thursday we went on a good old fashioned secret training camp death march. We rode from my house and headed out. We were going to go NW and catch the parkway about 45 miles from my house and then ride it north into virginia and then go back south to home. It was cool--we got lost right off the bat and ended up who knows where. We managed to find our way and we did get to the parkway--but we hit it ridiculously north in virginia. Virginia is not flat--AT ALL. Once we got there it was 330 and it gets dark at 615. So we loaded up on hostess cupcakes and redbulls and time trialed all the way home. We made it...7 1/2 hours and 200k. Words cannot describe how hungry I was when we got home. We ate as much food as we could and basically passed out within an hour. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!
It reminded me of the real STC we used to have in western NC. There was a group of us that did it 4 years in a row. Those will always be my fondest memories of cycling . We would do crazy rides like that everyday.
I remember once we bit off way more than we could chew and I had to ride home and get the car and pick up everyone--in the dark....I think thats how it happened. We will now see if any of those people I picked up are reading this. I remember scotty c ate all these donuts in my car on the way home and bernie and mark hendershot were walking their bikes up the smallest incline. Those were great times.
I have been thinking about those trips alot lately because this is the time of year that we would do them. We would have SO much fun--the dynamic between all of us was just perfect. I will miss those trips. Chin (hendershot) will be coming down soon and so we will have to make the dstc (diesel secret training camp).
I have just tried to post a picture of us from stc, but I can't figure it out. Computers are a pain. Oh well.
I am racing an omnium this weekend. RR on sat, tt on sunday morning and crit on sunday afternoon. Should be fun--I have this new TT helmet that is really cool, and i am excited to wear it.

Actually I should fess up now--it was me who bonked so hard on that ride--i wanted to take a nap 4000 ft in the air in the dark. I was so tired and hungry I couldn't handle it. IT WAS AWESOME. And yes it was me that ate all the donuts in scotts car. But for the record NOONE made it home. Chin will say that he did--but technically he got picked up to. GOOD STUFF


Danielle said...

Scott still tell the story about you trying to wave down cars for food to this day. Every time the story gets a little more embellished!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Great post! I expect more of the same young man...

I wish I would've had the fitness to go on one of them rides with you while I was there. I love those things... maybe next time I'm there on the farm.

hecklejack said...

scott was the lucky one--he was the first to the food. he also had to ride with some guy who was stealing endangered plants in bfe.

Tingler said...

OMG dude. you are from another planet.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Yeah, he's from Uranus... get it? Oh never mind...

Scott said...

That day we left the cabin 6 hours before sunset with no map of our route. "I know where we're going," Bernie said, "We'll do a century into Tennessee and back.


Bernie didn't have a clue how long his little "loop" was. 4 hours into the ride we were way the fuck into Tennessee, with the Cherahola Skyway not even in site and our cabin still beyond that in Robinsville.

We hit the skyway, Bernie saying as we rode into the mountain sunset "probably only about 20 more miles."

Bullshit again! Unbelieveable bullshit!

At that point we'd ridden over 70 miles. We didn't know it but the cabin was 60 miles away. Several hours later, after the sun went down and it became every man for himself, I found myself trying to stay on Mark Hendershot's wheel. It was dropping down to 50 degrees. I was 5000 feet up. All I was wearing was a short sleeve jersey and shorts. Bernie and Hekman were miles behind, Bernie consoling Hekman while he puked up his Little Debbie cake gas station dinner and walked each climb.

Finally, after dark my feet cramped so bad that I was walking, and watching Hendershot fade into the pitch black cold of some mountiantop or other. I walked for about a mile, hobbling on my speedplay cleats. That's when I came upon a local in a pickup truck full of small trees. He offered me a ride back to Robinsville. He was going that way, he said, to drop off the plants he'd gotten from the 'nursery'.

Just as the dude was pulling into th e road with me in the cab of his cramped and full truck, Hekman came running down the double yellow line, screaming, "Do you have any food, do you have any food."

He looked like a red headed Bigfoot dressed up for an "American Flyers" viewing party. His eyes were bulging out of his head. He was slurring his words. drool was pouring out of his mounth onto his filthy jersey.

Unluckily for Hekman, only one person could fit in the truck. So I took the ride 30 miles back to the cabin to fetch my car, returning an hour later to find Hekman and Bernie spooning on the shoulder of the road. On the drive back to the cabin Heklejack sat in the back of my Subaru eating a box an old Crispy Creams that had gotten lost under the driver's seat a week before the trip.

I picked up Hendershot a mile from the cabin. He was so cold from riding down from the skyway in 45 degree darkness that he couldn't even make it the last mile!

As bad as that ride was, I still think the prior year had a better worse one. That year it got so bad that Mark Hendershot begged us to leave him on the side of the road. He didn't expect us to come back for him! He thought he was a goner. I shit you not.

Dan S said...

thats a great story Scott. Mark maybe you'll show me a NC ride some day. ;)