Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Wanna Race

The more I read about this race this weekend, the more I want to do it. Check it out at
It sounds like a riot and moreover, this will be the last year I can do it bc kerry is graduating--and no offense to the city of baton rouge, but there isn't really any other point to coming here other than kerry. I woke up feeling better, but not 100% and I would like to think that I could just do the race as a group ride and not go hard, but we all know how that ends up. I would probably end up attacking in the first mile and stay away for about 70 miles and get caught and be so hungry and tired that i would take a nap in the ditch and tell bernie to go get the car and pick me up while I slept. I should probably just go home (nc) and take it easy for a couple of days. It is a long season and there are always cool bike races.
I haven't told my team yet about this--i am getting sick of waiting for it to hit, maybe I'll leak it out.


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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Maybe I should tell them for you? Or just put the link on my site? Boy, that'd get'em all riled up wouldn't it?

If you race, you better use it for TRAINING and not dig deep at all. I have a feeling we both know how that goes; sort of like me going to a pro team training camp, with no real training under my belt and thinking I can hang with the group and try to set tempo... I'm still recovering. At least, once I feel better, I will have some great legs. I do actually feel stronger after camp. (And the sprint is coming along ok...)